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The Immediate Seating Program is a complimentary ticket program made possible by hundreds of local organizations and venues throughout Philadelphia which make donations of tickets for our consumers' use – all free of charge. In order for all ticket users of an event to enjoy these performances, it is expected that those who reserve these tickets, thru Immediate Seating, actually attend the event and also exhibit proper behavior while at these venues. Ticket holders should always be courteous and respectful of both staff and other patrons while attending, and should never engage in any disruptive or annoying activity of any kind. There should be no eating or drinking at these venues. Anyone not complying with appropriate behavior, at any entertainment venue, will not be permitted to reserve future tickets from Immediate Seating. Thank you for your cooperation.



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Immediate Seating Open Events


Immediate Seating is closed for the summer starting Thursday, May 26th and will re-open on Tuesday, September 6th!

The staff and volunteers of ActionAIDs want to wish you a very fun and safe summer!

           Don't forget to check out "Free and Cheap" things to do in Philly on ActionAIDS' Immediate Seating website!



                             Thank You for Using Immediate Seating!